Ability of Dot Net Framework to Cater Varied Development Needs

A web application has now become a lifeline for businesses to grow and outstand stand it's competitors. In attempting  to give solutions, we have become aware of the operations of .Net framework and how it helps in the task of web development. The application helps companies to properly interact with partners and clients, thereby giving them access to several goods and services.The question arises why should .Net be your preference?

The platform simply comprises of 5 basic elements including; .NET Building Block Service, Windows Enterprise Server, Windows Operating System, .Net framework and the Visual Studio.Net tool set. The application allows you to seamlessly develop, deploy and use security-enhanced and connected systems and solutions.


What is the features of .Net framework

It enhances Rapid development.
It gives support for dynamic web pages.
It allows scripting language to be focused on objects
The installation Does not affect your system when installed
It improves your security.
It allows you to access your data easily and on time
It supports your web services.
Here are part of the new features in .Net Framework 4.6.2
The  release of .Net 4.6.2 has led to several improvements and solutions to previous hitches. The Microsoft company published an article that, highlights the changes and functions in the new version of this platform. This updated version comes with a number of improvements which the purchasers will Make use of.


In the month of  August, 2016, Microsoft Corporation told the public that Version 4.6.2. Had been released , it was their opinion that this version had provided the answer to many bugs and had taken care of them.ccording to MS, there are “dozens of bug fixes and It also came with numerous improvement and changes. An interesting part of  of the changes is that they were as a result of the feedback users gave to the developers. The reality is that things have significantly improved.

Characteristics of.Net framework

 An example was that developers could enable users to access the application easily when they used their fingerprint and we're facing the device. Another major improvement Is the DPI support for every monitor and increased support for TLS protocol  1.1 and 1.2.

This application properly reduces the amount of code needed to develop difficult and heavy applications which allows the development process to be completed on time and directly reduce the development cost.
The use of Smart caching technologies, just-in-time compilation and native optimization has seriously increased the performance  of the application.

Effective services and responses accessible to developer requirements

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This application supports different types of languages and helps you choose the language which Is the ideal choice for your application.
The application also allows the user to move from one platform to the other.
Tasks Are now easily completed with the use of deployment and configuration.
With the inclusion of broad class library which includes common tasks and ready-to-use custom web controls which,  development of professional applications can be done without starting from the beginning.
The  security  of your system is improved and It is more reliable by virtue of the in-built Windows authentication and peer-application configuration.

Developers, programmers, and engineers Are convinced that Microsoft listening to their needs and giving them a little more of what they want in their .NET Framework because a lot of the improvements were from feedback and suggestions of users.