Mobdro App (2017) - Download 100% Free Streaming TV App Online

Mobdro application is one of the best video streaming applications that a user can find on the internet. The application provides the users with a huge library of videos assembled from a wide number of sources on a single platform. The users can get an access to this huge video collection with a set of simple steps.Mobdro App Download for Smart Tv Although the users have complained about some glitches in the video playback on the application, the application has had a number of updates since then to get over this glitch. Leaving this aside, the reviews of the users on different forums about this application are great and the users love the features and benefits that the application offers for its users.

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The Mobdro application has two membership plans for the users. The application has a free version, commonly called as the freemium version. The paid version of the application is called as the premium version and is charged to the users at 3 Euros per year. The free version of the application is powered by advertisements. Hence the users would have certain disturbances while watching videos on the free membership plans. The free membership plan involves a number of ad popups during the video playback time which might degrade the video watching experience of the users. the paid version does not involve ad popups and is in fact a great investment for all the users who get irritated due to these ad popups.


Since the application outsources videos from a wide number and variety of sites, the application ahs lots and lots of videos in different genres. The site contains movies, TV shows, sports, music videos, dance videos, award shows and many more videos. The videos are sorted into different categories which makes it easy for the user to locate a specific video. The videos are sorted as per the genres of the videos. The search option of the application is highly advanced and this helps to obtain accurate and precise search results. The results are obtained pretty fast as well. All the videos are available in 720p video playback quality and most of them has subtitles as well. The videos have some advanced features like share, like and comment which can be instantly used by the users. The user interface of the application enhances the video watching experience of the users through its simple attractions.


The application needs to load on the devices manually since the application is not officially available in the Google play Store. Mobdro For IPhone The users should install only the genuine version of the application on their mobile phones and not any fake version of the app which are widely available in the internet. The users should only download the genuine versions of the application from trusted sources only.


The Mobdro application is the best option for all the users who are looking for videos from a number of sites assembled under a single platform. The free membership plan is also a great option for all those who are new to the app.

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